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On the 8th March, the skies in the Southern Hemisphere hosted the spectacular vision that was a Solar Eclipse. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see it in the UK, but itʼs effects were felt around the world. Many people believe that eclipses bring with them changes; a bit like getting rid of the old and making way for the new, making new connections and changing your mindset.

At Porcupine Rocks, we are very passionate about working with artists who have an open mindset, and who want to help others.

The Moonbasket Company

One such company that we are proud to showcase is Moonbasket. Moonbasket was started in 2010 by Dani Le Roy (an artist and designer) and Laura Summs (an artist and crochet artisan) and makes luxurious crochet which lives comfortably in contemporary settings while maintaining the connection to the rich tradition of this versatile craft. Wherever possible they use natural, upcycled, and/or locally sourced fibres. Woven through the objective of Moonbasket is the intention to help support the least priveledged of Cape Town, thus the crafters who handle the bulk of the making are women from Khayalitsha township, many of whom have been with them since their inception.

Porcupine Rocks absolutely love the luxurious Moonbasket bowls. Crocheted from unbleached hemp, dipped in resin over a mould so they keep their shape and, once hardened, they create a feather weight, yet durable decorative object, all the while maintaining the connection to the rich tradition of this versatile craft.

The Moonbasket bowls come in a variety of colours and styles, including the Urchin (available in small and medium), the Plaid (available in both the large and medium vase style, and the wider bowl version) and the Bodhi (available in wide and small). The great thing about the bowls is that the sizes are so ʻuseableʼ, yet still maintain an air of discretion. They wouldnʼt look out of place filled with Easter Eggs dotted around the home and garden, or even showcasing a seasonal dried flower arrangement.

     African Moonbaskets   Crochet Moonbaskets from Africa     Crochet Baskets from Porcupine Rocks

Unfortunately, the UK will have to wait until 23rd September 2090 to witness the next total solar eclipse, but in the meantime, you can bask in the ripple effect from the one on the 8th March. If you would like a Moonbasket to display your Easter gifts, then please do place your order as soon as possible. Not only will your house look fresh and vibrant for springtime, but you will also be safe in the knowledge that you are helping shift the balance of poverty in Cape Town, and helping the women from the Khayalitsha township have a better life - making those all important connections and changes.

Aqua Crochet basket - Moon Basket

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