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Be enlightened with these amazing Chandeliers - Flower Power

From the 24th - 28th May, the Royal Hospital Chelsea will once again host the annual prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. With media coverage across the television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the web, it showcases the best of the best in the world of horticulture, as it has done since 1913.

Fuschia ChandelierWhat better time to feature these stunning chandeliers, designed by the award winning willowlamp, an innovative, award winning South African lighting company and exclusively available in the UK through Porcupine Rocks. willowlampʼ designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting - a symbolic merging of nature and technology. Though each component is industrially manufactured, everything that is made is painstakingly hand assembled in-house at their factory in Cape Town. All of the components are made from the highest quality materials available, and they have scoured the earth to find the best lighting systems and technologies to integrate into their designs.

We are delighted to be able to offer 6 willowlamp Suspended Ceiling Chandeliers

Beaded Flower Chandelier


Based on the form of dangling Fuschia flowers with the metal ʻpetalsʼ bowing under the weight of the chain. Illuminated by a suspended spiralling arrangement of pyrex glass balls containing G4-Halogen 20 Watt 12V lamps. Available in 2 sizes.  More info on the Fuschia Chandelier

Mandala No. 1

A collection of illuminated sculptural forms inspired by the sacred geometry of Islamic patterns. The design consists of a lazer-cut metal frame from which loads of small metal ball chains are attached and suspended in multiple tiers to create layers of looped petals. Can be ceiling mounted or suspended. More info on the Mandala Chandelier


Taking the form of South Africaʼs national flower the ʻProteaʼ, the design is characterised by multiple tiers with the chain hung in layers of looped ʻpetalsʼ. Available as both a ceiling mounted or suspended model in 3 sizes.  More info on the Protea Chandelier

The Faraway Tree

An organic 'tree-shaped' chandelier inspired by graphic representations of trees on Architectural drawings. Illuminated by a concealed light source within a suspended uplighter dish. Available in 3 standard sizes.  More info on The Faraway Tree Chandelier

Enchanted Faraway Tree

This design is an evolution of the award winning 'Faraway Tree', which has been transformed into a suspended sculptural mobile. The design is derived from a series of counterbalancing, bowing branches all suspended from one another down a central 'trunk'. It can be ordered in clusters of 4 branches e.g., 4 tier, 8 tier, 12 tier and so on. It could potentially even suit a 10-15 storey void inside a spiralling staircase.  More info on the Enchanted Wood Chandelier

Flower of Life

willowlamp's original iconic award-winning design, based on the sacred geometry known as the `flower of life`. This is an Elegant and Intricate multiple levelled chandelier which is evocative of a Classic 1920`s style. It is available as both a ceiling mounted or suspended model in 3 sizes.  More info on the Flower of Life Chandelier


Whether you are wanting that ʻWOWʼ factor for a commercial or residential property, these stunning commissioned chandeliers certainly wonʼt disappoint. Working closely with interior designers, Porcupine Rocks are able to establish the perfect size, shape and colour for your interiors scheme, whether it be a hotel lobby, shop floor or your home. We will even facilitate the ordering, shipping, handling and installation ensuring you get the best personal service. Prices for these stunning functional pieces of art start from £3,000.00 and all are made-to order.

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Amazing Chandeliers

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