Summertime with African Interiors

Summer has finally arrived, and even the thunderstorms have been tropical in nature. After what seems to have been the longest and wettest spring on record, let Porcupine Rocks inject some summer fun into your lives. Here is a round up of whatʼs hot at the studio this month. 

Everything seems so much better when the sun is shining and a bit of warmth on your face. Bright colours seem to take on a life of their own, and everything explodes into a riot of diffFloral fabrics and african basketserent hues. At Porcupine Rocks we have a great selection of floral fabrics and colourful baskets which we guarantee will bring the summer into your home all year round, minus the thunderstorms. Great for breathing new life into upcycle projects, or if you have the idea, but lack the technical know-how or time, let us do it for you.


african baskets



Talking of flowers, if you love designer items in your home, have a look at the Protea Chandelier. This exceptional piece of design fuses the technicality of precision engineering with the delicate balance of South Africaʼs national flower, the Protea. This beautiful chandelier was recently featured in the Bridge for Design Magazine, and as it is made to measure, we can work with you to establish the perfect size, shape and colour to suit the proposed interior, whether itʼs a residential living space, hotel lobby or shop floor. It really is a statement piece to give you that WOW factor. There are six stunning pieces of illuminated art to choose from including Fuschia, Mandala, The Faraway Tree, Enchanted Faraway Tree and Flower of Life. Each is unique in their design, but universal in their functionality.

Suspended Chandeliers



One of the things we love about summer are the long summer evenings sitting around a fire pit with friends. The male of the house has taken control of the bbq (naturally) and has now turned his attention to stokingfireside bellows the fire. With Fatherʼs Day fast on our heals, why not think about getting him these beautiful Nguni Cow Skin Fireside Bellows*. Not only are they functional - they really do get the fire going - they look stunning too, and would not look out of place in any hearth throughout the year. It also means you donʼt have to interrupt your G&T drinking to stoke the fire as he will be having far too much fun. ʻMan make fireʼ. Itʼs the simple things in life...


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* Please note that no wildlife has been endangered in the creation of these stunning pieces.

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