Well Hung!

When I first saw this Protea Chandelier it was love at first sight.  A beauty from every angle.
This stunning piece is the mastermind creation of Adam Hoets of WillowLamp.  His spotless workshop is based in the design district of Woodstock, Cape Town.  It's like an operating theatre, bright lights adorn the ceiling, there is no clutter, every bead and bolt have their own colour coded compartments.
For more information click here Protea Chandelier
If you would like to eye up one in the flesh then please visit the Porcupine Rocks Studio in Chelsea.
All chandeliers are made to order.  We work within your design framework and budget.  We can make any WillowLamp, in various sizes and most colours. 
For more tantalising images of other WillowLamp designs please look at 

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