Monkey Magic

Ardmore is a magical haven of creativity.  Set in the Caversham Valley in the Natal Midlands many artists gather to produce the most original ceramics I have ever had the pleasure to set my eyes upon.  I have watched them for decades.  Every piece is unique, a one off, and collectors around the world praise their beauty.  I am thrilled to be exhibiting some of their treasures.  This small collection has been hand picked by me and every day I admire the work that has gone into creating such stunningly interesting, eye-catching works of art. 
And I have better news, the art does not stop with the ceramics.  Halstead Design have teamed up with Ardmore and turned this art into design.  Porcupine Rocks has the complete range of eye-watering, beautiful fabrics. Best viewed at the studio.  Please enquire if you need more information.
Here are some examples of what we have done with the fabrics.
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