Grand Designs

Australian Interior Designer Fleur Ward has a unique and personal approach to interiors.  She also embraces colour.  In her own words she 'does not do beige'.  Well neither do I.  I guess that's why we get on.  Fleur is exhibiting at the Grand Designs Live at Excel in London this week.  Her contemporary stand is a blaze of Malachite and modern accessories.  In keeping with the green theme she hijacked one of my bronze bowls to form a centre piece on the Dakota Table by Julian Chichester.
If you are looking for a completely new scheme or trying to establish how to blend your old treasures with new purchases then visit Fleur Ward Interior Design website.  
If you are coveting the beautiful bronze bowl, inlaid with gold leaf created especially for Porcupine Rocks by Bronze Age then look no further than right here

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