Black & White

Artist Lucy Boydell has a unique gift with charcoal. I don't know how she does it but she makes fur, hair, skin and all features come alive.  
Trained at Central St Martin's School of Art, Lucy is now an internationally recognised artist.  Her magnificent bronzes are eye catching statement pieces and her large scale charcoal drawings are truly magnificent in so many ways.
Back in the day an Indian Rhino had arrived in Portugal as a gift for King Manuel I in early 1515 and had caused a sensation due to its novelty and size. Albrecht Durer copied a sketch by an unknown artist as well as relying on written accounts and his rhino was accepted as a true likeness until well into the 18th century.

Lucy Boydell has captured all the exoticism of Durer's woodcut in bronze, with the added excitement of the leap from 2 to 3D. She has achieved a wonderfully tactile sculpture with its own personality (see if you can see the faint smile playing about the rhino's lips!)
If you would like one of these Durer's Rhinos in your own home then Porcupine Rocks can arrange to commission Lucy Boydell to make one especially.  Each Rhino is numbered.  Dimensions 33cm from horn to tail, 23cm high, 13cm wide.  Please enquire from the studio for more details.
Porcupine Rocks is honoured to have a number of limited edition giclee prints of the original drawings.  Each A3 print is mounted and numbered.  To complete the look Porcupine Rocks can offer a framing service.  All available prints are featured below.  Click on each picture to take you directly to the shop.

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