Chiva Africa - Sitting Pretty by Porcupine Rocks

Porcupine Rocks are proud to be supporting the Chiva Africa - Sitting Pretty charity event. 

Big names in the art, design, sport and celebrity world have come together to create stunning, one-off painted and upholstered chairs which will be auctioned both online and at an exclusive event at Bonhams, London in March 2016, and Porcupine Rocks are very honoured to be among the cream of the art and entertainment world in supporting this charity close to our hearts.

Fabric for Chiva Africa Sitting Pretty

CHIVA Africa was set up ten years ago to help educate, support and mentor staff in hospitals and clinics throughout KZN, the Eastern Cape and Northwest Province: more than 20,000 healthcare personnel looking after over 100,000 children, and counting. Paediatric HIV specialists in the UK, who have been treating children with HIV for decades, run workshops and seminars, master classes and ward rounds empowering colleagues with the practical skills and experience they have garnered over years of clinical studies, service provision and trial and error. CHIVA Africa work in the worst affected areas of South Africa, provide mentoring, training and support for those caring for the countryʼs most vulnerable – the children.

Porcupine rocks planning of sitting pretty chair

Paula has teamed up with one of her favourite textile designers, Jane Solomen from Fabricnation who has designed the striking Positive Power fabric used in Porcupine Rocksʼ chair. The Positive Power print is inspired by “folk/hippy” floral textiles and Shweshwe prints. However, the starting point and motif for this print is the HIV virus. This has been used in the same way a textile designer may use a teacup as the main motif for a fabric design. The HIV images have intentionally been used to create a decorative design. The “flowers” that make up the pattern have been created by collaging and mutating elements from a variety of medical diagrams of the HIV virus. The virus has been transformed into weird and wonderful symbols.

               arm of chair for chiva africa sitting pretty

The Positive Power print is a celebration of the courage, dedication and power of all people living with HIV who have grown to live, love and enjoy free positive lives.

As the fabric suggests, the chair is a positive mental place to ʻbeʼ. A place to pause and reflect... and believe that all is not lost and there is time to enjoy the person you are meant to be.

Everyoneʼs chairs have been kept closely under wraps, and excitement has been building for the big unveil, and the start of the on-line auction today (Friday 26th February), concluding on 14th March, when the bidding will be transferred to live auction at Bonhams on March 15th. You can keep up to date with all that is going on with the auction either via CHIVA Africaʼs social media profiles, or on their website - sittingpretty/

If you are inspired to make your own creation using the POSITIVE POWER fabric, we are delighted to sell it by the meter at Porcupine Rocks - £58.80 per meter, 1.45m wide, 64cm vertical repeat, 100% cotton Gold print on Black, White print on Red, White print on Dark Grey.  Please Contact us for the fabric

Click here for a small touch of Africa in your home - Aprons and oven gloves

 aprons and oven gloves in power fabric porcupine rocks

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