Papier-mâché Heads

David Farrer Papier-mâché Animal Trophy Heads

Eland papier-mache headAfrica is blessed with some amazing wildlife, and none more so than the Eland, the largest of the African antelopes. There is a great deal of history surrounding the Eland, the most famous of which are the San Bushman cave drawings brought to the worldʼs attention in 1915 at the KwaZula-Nata site in South Africa. These magnificent animals were sacrificed to the Gods when the young San Bushmen hunters came of age.

zebra papier mache headYorkshire born sculptor David Farrer has spent many years in the South African bush - he lived in South Africa during the mid-90s, spending most of his spare time on safari, and returns whenever he can to immerse himself in the wildlife. He has observed, followed and fallen in love with all African animals and open spaces. An avid wildlife photographer, keen draughtsman, has a degree in fine art, a great sense of humour and a love for papier-mâché are some of the things that help David create the most inspiring, fun, and creative heads. Using wire, horsehair, plaster bandage, papier-mâché and, wherever possible, incorporating found objects and random materials, he transforms these random materials into beautiful, life-like busts of some of his favourite animals.

The text on the Black Rhinoʼs or zebraʼs ears, or on the nose of the Cape Buffalo highlights the uniqueness of each animal, and brings out Davidʼs earlier influences from his fine art degree as a sculpture specialising in print making. The text brings out the shape and form of each animal, and the use of magazines or newspapers means that no two heads are the same. All the heads are made from recycled and sustainable materials meaning that it is a more eco friendly way of becoming a trophy hunter.

worthog papier mache headBritish artist David Farrer celebrates these beautiful South African animals with his unique papier-mâché animal trophy heads that have won him such international acclaim. As well as showcasing the Eland, David has also captured the true spirit of other animals including the Cape Buffalo, the Black Rhino, Giraffe, Hippo, Dik Dik, a Steenbok, a Warthog, a Waterbuck, a Wildebeest and a Zebra.

papermache animal heads
These brilliantly original Animal Heads are mounted on wooden plaques, and would fit in to either a contemporary room, a traditional ʻhunting lodgeʻ, a hotel or even an office. Even though they are quirky in nature, the skill that goes in to making these wonderful sculptures is tantamount to Davidʼs dedication to his art. You can learn a bit more about David and see him talking about sculpture and his influences here - David Farrer - YouTube.

Every head is unique in its creation and made to order, therefore the price and materials used may vary slightly. If you have a specific piece of text you would like included, please call the studio where we can discuss your requirements further.

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