The British love to talk about the weather. A conversational default. However, I can’t help but pass comment that it’s undeniably hot at the moment. I celebrate this glorious weather by passing time outside. Whether it be walking the dog, gardening, swimming, running, I find myself outside a lot. Makes a dramatic change from our life in the city which feels like a long way back. Earlier this week I jumped out of my skin when I saw a healthy looking grass snake slither across the lawn towards me. What happened next was a Mexican stand off before she retreated into the shade of the hydrangeas. For a moment I thought I was back in South Africa. I say ‘she’ not because I am on a small #metoo campaign but because a friend suggested she may be pregnant. My husband is terrified of snakes and is not quite sure how to accept the new wildlife in our back garden. The prospect of a family of snakes has caused him much fright, so much so he seems overly keen to hang pictures and move furniture around as opposed to satisfying his usual enthusiasm and penchant for weeding and moving compost.

With snakes heavily on the agenda this week I am finding that running my own business is rather like a game of snakes and ladders. On one level there is great momentum with design ideas and creative collaborations, then suddenly, as if the rug has been pulled from under my feet I slide back nine paces. This could be attributed to a project falling through or cash flow discrepancies. It’s a constant juggling act and I keep reminding myself that building a business is not a race.

Historically the serpent has been a mythological symbol of fertility, procreation, wisdom, death and resurrection. We can see the snake in many areas of Eastern art and architecture, in biblical stories, Pre-Raphaelite art, children’s story books, and the Chinese have a zodiac sign, everywhere. The snake is powerful creature.  

While I may have felt wrong footed in my own garden I did spare a thought for more intrepid travellers and explorers who bump into much larger, fiercer snakes than my English grass snake encounter. From David Attenborough to David Livingstone, they have all jotted down, drawn and narrated their discoveries. We get a glimpse of these discoveries in The Magic Veld interiors collection curated by Evolution Product. Personally I think it’s fabulous to see historical nature in our homes today.



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