Porcupine Rocks is an African Interiors studio.  Based in West Sussex, Porcupine Rocks offers an inspirational collection of handmade objects trouvés for the home, office, restaurant or hotel.

Everything is unique or part of a limited edition and individually sourced from Southern Africa.  This season we bring you a contemporary collection of ceramics, woven baskets, lighting, textiles, bespoke furniture, bead and wire work, tableware, cushions and more.

All products are available online.  If you've seen a product in a magazine or on instagram or twitter and can't find it in the Porcupine Shop please contact us as our Porcupines might not have had time to upload the details.

Paula works closely with interior designers on both residential and commercial projects and can offer a tailor made bespoke service to suit the design ethos.  The stunning beaded chandeliers, charcoal drawings, upholstered furniture, paper cache animal heads and curtains are a few of the creations available on a made-to-order basis.

Fabrics is a big thing at Porcupine Rocks.  We have a unique collection of colourful fabrics, each telling a story, perfect for curtain making or upholstery. 

Also, we currently carry out deliveries throughout the UK, but are able to ship anywhere globally. So if you are out there in the big wide world and would like one of our products please email us and we can quote for shipping. The world is our oyster.


Porcupine Rocks is the brain child of Paula Goodburn.  Born in South Africa, now living in West Sussex, Paula's passion for design, her general curiosity, attention to detail, endless enthusiasm for travel and a love of all things ‘home’ forms the foundation of Porcupine Rocks.

Paula discovers innovative artisans in her homeland who handcraft beautiful, imaginative interior creations.  Each artist marries traditional techniques with contemporary design.  

"Craft is an ancient tradition in Africa, it's inspiring working with gifted craftsmen who practice traditional techniques passed down through generations while, at the same time, embrace a modern aesthetic to deliver and end product that has an individual, contemporary style."

Every piece has provenance, it's these individual stories that make all the creations in the Porcupine Rocks collection unique or part of a limited edition.

"Provenance and narrative are key elements to my discoveries.  Not only is each piece a work of art, it is functional and practical and... has an interesting story."

"Porcupine Rocks represents my love for Africa and modern design.  The collection I have handpicked to form Porcupine Rocks mixes well with both traditional and contemporary spaces. They add colour accents to a room or some become more powerful statement pieces."


Paula Goodburn Porcupine Rocks Studio