Bawku Babatunde Umbrella

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These wax-print African print umbrellas will brighten up any rainy day. Handmade in Johannesburg from wax treated polycotton around a stylish wooden frame.  Automatic opening by the press of a button. Waterproof & UV Resistant.  And... they are not heavy. 

Made by Babatunde, a Yoruba name, which directly translates as 'the Father returns'.  Babatunde stands for strong family values and all that is truly African.  Babatunde urges the father-figures to return to Africa.  'Respect yourself and those around you and make decisions that benefit Africa'. 

The fabrics for this range of umbrellas were sourced from Ghana and Benin.  Each product is unique due to fabric cuts and limited prints.  The prints themselves represent the uniqueness of each human being.  The colours embody the future.  The shapes express the vision and structure of success and prosperity.

What's not to love?

Dimensions: 89cm long, 105cm diameter.

100% Waterproof.

UV Resistant.