Grey Crochet Basket Plaid Stitch - (large vase)

Crochet Moonbasket - Grey, Plaid Stitch, Large Vase

Luxurious grey crochet basket made from hemp cord, dipped in resin to keep their shape. A feather weight yet firm decorative basket. Lives comfortably in contemporary settings while maintaining the connection to the rich tradition of this versatile craft.

This design is Plaid. More Moonbaskets are available  in other designs and various colours.  

Moonbasket is based in Woodstock, the design district of Cape Town.  Established in 2010 by artist and designer Dani Le Roy and crochet artisan Laura Summs.  Together they work with women from the Khayalitsha Township who, every month, come to the Moonbasket Studio to collect the hemp yarn and return to Khayalitsha to make their baskets.  It's a livelihood that fits in with their lifestyle and family responsibilities and duties.  When done, they return, with bundles of beautifully crocheted offerings, all portable on their laps, Dani then takes these and moulds them over frames, they are dipped in resin to give them their form and shape.  And that is how we have so many wonderful shapes, colours, sizes and stitches.  It is a wonderful co-operative and a very simple way to help support the less  privileged inhabitants of Cape Town. 

Dimensions 50cm diameter X 45cm high.