Kirk's Dik Dik Decorative Animal Head

Kirk's Dik Dik Wall Mounted African Animal Head

These brilliantly Kirk's Dik Dik original Animal Heads are mounted but not stuffed.

Yorkshire born sculptor David Farrer has spent many years in the South African bush.  He has observed, followed and fallen in love with all African animals and open spaces.  An avid wildlife photographer, keen draughtsman, degree in fine art, great sense of humour and love for papier-mâché are some of the small things that help David create the most inspiring, fun, creative heads from wire, horsehair, plaster bandage, papier-mâché and wherever possible David incorporates found objects and random materials.


Each head (except the elephant) are mounted on wooden plaques measuring approximately 45cm wide by 55cm tall. 

Please note that every head is unique in its creation and made to order, therefore the price and materials used may vary slightly.  

Feel free to contact the studio for more details.