Le Corbusier Chaise Longue

Dimensions: 165cm long, 60-80cm (adjustable pivots on the base), 58cm wide.

Le Corbusier was a genius back in his day. In 1928 he designed this chair, way ahead of his time. No wonder he was considered the 'most important modernist chair designer in France'. I found it tatty and over-loved (if that's possible) so decided to give it a new lease of life thanks to a very talented upholsterer. I handpicked this witty skull and bones 'Mrs. Ples' fabric from Design Team Fabrics. Beautiful fabric to work with. This is a stunning piece, seriously comfortable, even by Corbusier's high standards.

Corbusier once said "The human limb object is a docile servant.  A good servant is discreet and self effacing in order to leave his master free." In other words you may never wish to leave this seat once you lay upon the chair.  

This creation is no longer available to buy.  But if you would like something similar in a different colour way (as we believe that fabric is perfect for this phsychiatrists chair) we would be delighted to make one up for you.