Ribbed Ebonized Jacaranda Wooden bowl

A wonderful wooden bowl made from Jacaranda Wood, an exotic tropical hardwood.  Don't panic, this is sustainable woodwork.

Dimensions 26.5cm wide, 27cm tall.

Woodturner Andrew Early works wood in a magical manner.  He turns salvaged wood into stunning wooden bowls.  Andrew will hand pick a piece of wood which he then masterfully works with when it's wet, turning it over the lathes in his studio to create a desired shape.  This is then left to dry in his shed... this could be for 5 years... until he's happy to turn it again before sanding and polishing.  This is long arduous physical work, but Andrew is a genius. No wonder he has received many awards, including Elle Decorations International Design Award.

Contemporary and covetable, this is a beautiful tactile piece.  

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