Suspended Chandelier - The Faraway Tree

The Faraway Tree Chandelier

An organic 'tree-shaped' chandelier inspired by graphic representations of trees on Architectural drawings.  The design consists of a lazer-cut metal frame from which loads of small metal ball chains are attached and suspended in multiple tiers to create layers of canopy.  It is illuminated by a concealed light source with a suspended up-lighter dish.  Available in three different sizes and an elongated version, which is suitable for linear spaces or above a long table.  The design is simply genius as it arrives in a giant sized pizza box and concertinas up and out to form their glorious shape.  Spectacular! This is a high quality beautiful object that can be admired every day.

Commission Pieces

These are commission pieces and Porcupine Rocks works closely with interior designers to establish the perfect size, shape and colour for the interiors scheme, whether it be a residential living space, hotel lobby or shop floor. Porcupine Rocks will facilitate the ordering, shipping, handling and even installation.

More About the Design and Designer

This magnificent statement piece is designed by willowlamp, an innovative, award winning South African lighting company that has so much to offer.  Their designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Each picture is a collaboration between the needs of the user, the creativity of the designer and the skills of the fabricator.  We are thrilled to be working with such an inspiring lighting designer.

Chandelier Details

  • Available sizes - 50cm wide x 40cm high, 70cm wide x 55cm high and 100cm wide x 75cm high and an elongated length of 160cm wide x 70cm high. 
  • Available colours - silver (chrome), Brass, Copper, Smoke, Rust, White, Red, BlackAfrica.  You can use more than one colour per chandelier.
  • Mounts - suspended or ceiling mounted
  • The techy bit - The designs contain anything between 3 x GU-Halogen 50W (150W) or LED. The elongated version has 21 x G4-Halogen 12V 10Watt lamps (210W) or LED alternatives. All chandeliers are suitable for use in Europe & the United Kingdom and have been covered by a UL rating for the USA & Canada.


Prices start from £2500.00 and are made-to-order.  There are many other designs and our team would be happy to discuss the various options and colour ways with you.  Please contact for more information.